The Oculus Rift headset, games and VR headsets

The Oculus Rift headset, games and VR headsets

The Oculus VR headset has finally arrived on the PS4 and Xbox One consoles, after almost three years of delays and several price cuts.

The headset is an augmented reality headset that works on a PC, PS4, Xbox One and PC.

It uses a pair of cameras that capture images from your eyes, which can then be sent to the headset to translate them into 3D graphics.

It was initially scheduled for release in October, but a number of price cuts forced it to be delayed for two months in January and February.

This was the first time Oculus Rift has ever been released on a console, but the company is continuing to work on the software for PS4 as well.

The VR headset is currently available in the UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, and it’s set to become available in North America and Europe in the coming weeks.

The headset has a range of accessories including a wireless headset and a headset stand.

The Oculus Rift comes with a pair on the left, a wireless one on the right, a wired one on top and a USB plug on the bottom.

The headsets are priced at £199 ($250), £299 ($300) and £399 ($400).

However, Oculus Rift owners can upgrade to a wireless version for £499 ($619).

The Oculus VR headsets have also been released for the PlayStation VR headset, which is also priced at $600 ($799).

The Xbox One is currently priced at the same price as the Oculus Rift, but it is available in limited quantities and will not be available in stores for another week.

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