Sony PlayStation VR headset launches

Sony PlayStation VR headset launches

A pair of new headsets from Sony and a new version of the PlayStation Vr gaming console are set to launch in North America on November 9.

The PlayStation V, or PlayStation VR, is a virtual reality headset that’s capable of displaying a full 3D image to the user.

The headset itself runs on a $199 box that comes with a PSVR-compatible headstrap, a controller, a microphone and an HDMI cable.

A $399 headset with a $499 box is available to buy starting today, while the $1,299 PSVR Edition starts at $299.

Sony and Microsoft announced the PSVR headsets earlier this year, but have been reluctant to confirm that they’re coming to the US.

Both companies have been pushing back on US availability, saying it’s too early to talk about them.

But today, the PlayStation VR announced a new release date.

It’s the first time that the company has released a VR headset in the US in a long time, as it was initially set to be released in October, but the US was pulled from the rollout in late December.

The new PlayStation V headset also includes a more robust camera sensor than the previous model, and the headset is available with or without a built-in camera.

Sony also added a new app called VR, which allows users to record gameplay in 360 degrees and share it to social media.

It can also be used to play games from its PlayStation Network service.

The PSVR comes with built-independently by Sony, Microsoft, and Oculus Rift.

It includes a built in camera, a wireless microphone, a built‑in speaker, a dedicated controller, and an adjustable headstrap.

The controller has a new design and has been redesigned to better fit the head.

Both Sony and Oculus said that the PS4 is capable of supporting up to eight simultaneous VR experiences at once.

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