PS4 and PS4 Pro specs revealed at Sony event

PS4 and PS4 Pro specs revealed at Sony event

In a bid to cut down on weight and improve gaming performance, Sony is now planning to offer both a PS4 Slim and a PSVR bundle with the PS4 Neo, according to a report.

Both the PS3 and PS3 Pro have been confirmed for launch this year.

Both devices feature improved specs, but PS4 is expected to feature better specs than PS3.

The Neo is expected with a 5-inch screen, but no word on a price.

The Neo bundle will include a PS5, PS5 Pro, and a new Neo Plus wireless controller.

It will also include a microSD card slot and a USB Type-C port for charging.

The PS5 Plus will be able to connect to existing PS4s for wired play, and the new Neo Pro will be more capable than the PS5.

It’s not clear when or if this bundle will be available.

The PS4 price will be around $399, though the price of the PSVR will likely be $300.

The new Neo bundle and PSVR bundles are expected to launch in the coming months.

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