Plantronics unveils Jabra bluetech headset

Plantronics unveils Jabra bluetech headset

Plantronics has unveiled its Jabra wireless headset, which is powered by its new “Jabra Bluetooth” platform.

The headset, priced at £79.99, comes with a wireless charging port, built-in Bluetooth and a pair of Jabra earphones.

The Bluetooth headset has a 10-hour battery life, with users able to connect to their phones via Bluetooth for 10 hours of talk time, which includes 5GB of data per day.

Plantronics says Jabra headphones “can be worn for a very long time” and “bring a new dimension to your gaming experience”.

The Jabra headset uses a Bluetooth technology called the “JABRA Bluetooth”, which means that it uses Bluetooth technology to pair the user with a smartphone.

Jabra Bluetooth is designed for use with Android phones and is built-into the Jabra controller, which can be used to play games and control apps.

The Jabras Bluetooth headsets use a Bluetooth radio, and the wireless controller, to control them.

A Bluetooth radio is used to control the headphones, and a wireless controller is used for game play.

Jabras headphones have a 10 hour battery life and will cost £79 in the UK.

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