Plantronics: New ‘VR headset pairing’ with Apple, Google to begin December 12

Plantronics: New ‘VR headset pairing’ with Apple, Google to begin December 12

Plantronics announced that it has teamed up with Apple and Google to build a new headset pairing service for consumers, which will work with Apple’s iOS device.

The company also revealed that it is working with Microsoft to provide compatibility with its Windows 10 Mobile devices and Microsoft Edge browser for the first time.

The announcement comes after Microsoft rolled out the first two versions of Microsoft Edge on Windows 10 last month, a move that prompted Apple and other tech giants to release their own versions of the same app.

The new product, dubbed Plantronics Vr, will enable users to pair their devices with Apple iOS devices and Android phones via an app that will launch on November 12.

The service is available in the U.S. and Canada for a discounted price of $15.

It is compatible with Apple iPhones, iPads, iPods, and Android smartphones, and will work on all of the company’s products including the latest Apple Watch Series 3, which comes out on November 15.

In addition to the new pairing feature, Plantronics will also include new software and hardware support for Apple’s upcoming Mac Pro, which is due to go on sale later this month.

The new Mac Pro will offer up to 8TB of RAM, a 4K display, and an Intel Core i5 processor, along with a new Intel SSD.

It will also support a wireless charging system.

The two companies have announced that they plan to make the new service available through Apple’s App Store in December.

The two companies said that the new Vr service will launch in Europe in the first half of next year.

Apple and Google have also announced that the companies will be working together on the next generation of their mobile operating systems.

Google will work closely with Apple on the Mac Pro project, and the two companies plan to jointly develop a new version of Android for the iPhone and iPad.

The Vr pairing service is a collaboration between Plantronics and Apple.

Plantronics CEO Eric Lander said in a press release that the company is proud to be a part of the Apple and Microsoft partnerships.

Plantronic also announced the launch of a new Vrsigner mobile headset, which it says will offer a superior user experience compared to the current Apple headset.

Apple has long offered the ability to use a pair of Apple devices in conjunction with the Apple Watch and iPad to pair them to Apple’s mobile devices.

The pairing feature was first introduced in the new Apple Watch, which features an integrated Apple remote.

Apple announced the Apple Pay payment system and Apple TV last month.

Apple also launched the Apple TV 2 with Siri and Apple Pay last month as well.

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