Nintendo announces 3DS game controller for the first time, $299 price

Nintendo announces 3DS game controller for the first time, $299 price

Nintendo announced three new games for the Nintendo 3DS this week, the first two of which were handheld wireless USB headsets.

The first is a new ninja headset, which is a $299 wired headset that can be used for the 3DS system.

The second is a Walkie Talkie headset that is $29.99 wired.

The third is a wireless wireless USB headset that costs $29 for both the headset and a second wireless controller.

The 3DS, which launches this month, comes with two different wired and wireless controllers.

One of the controllers is included with the handheld console.

For the third, the company has added a wireless controller to the portable Nintendo 3ds.

The controller can be purchased separately for $29 from Nintendo.

The company says the 3ds is now the “world’s first wireless gaming device,” which is great news for people who want to use their phones or tablets while playing games.

The new 3DS is the first Nintendo handheld console to support wireless controllers, and the company says it’s the first console with wireless controllers that supports the Nintendo Wireless Controller Interface.

It also has the wireless remote, which lets you use the handheld to play games on your TV or computer.

The wireless controller interface is the same technology used on the Wii U, which Nintendo launched in 2014.

Nintendo announced the wireless controller on its website last year.

The Nintendo Wireless Wireless Controller is designed to make it easier for consumers to use wireless gaming devices like the Wii Remote and the GamePad.

Nintendo says it hopes the new 3ds and walkie talkies will be “the first wireless game controllers for the portable system.”

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