“I want to get the fuck out of this country”

“I want to get the fuck out of this country”

A man in his 40s has told a police officer he wants to be able to “move around the world” and “be anywhere” when he is no longer a citizen of the United States.

The man, identified as Michael, said in a 911 call obtained by CNN that he was a “lover of liberty” who was living in a country that has no laws.

“I don’t want to live in a jail here in America anymore,” he said in the call, which was recorded by a law enforcement official.

“I just want to be free to be anywhere I want.”

The man said he has been in the U.S. since 1980 and is “100% legal” and that he does not “want to be part of a system that’s taking away my right to life.”

Michael was also asked if he was concerned about the possibility of being prosecuted in the United Kingdom if he were to leave the U and move abroad.

He responded: “I’m not worried about it.

I know the law in England.”

The 911 call is part of the latest effort by law enforcement to identify and prosecute people who have made false statements about immigration or citizenship.

In October, President Donald Trump signed an executive order to deport nearly all illegal immigrants who were in the country prior to Jan. 1, 2019.

In January, a group of high-profile attorneys in New York filed a lawsuit against the Justice Department and other federal agencies claiming that the Department of Homeland Security and other agencies are systematically over-reacting to false statements by immigrants who are seeking asylum.

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