How to use the best smartphone apps for the holidays

How to use the best smartphone apps for the holidays

The best smartphone app for the holiday season has a new twist this year.

Apple’s Jabra wireless headsets are now available in the US.

If you already have an existing Apple device, it can be downloaded for free.

Jabra’s $49, and the $49.99 models of the Jabra XL and the Jabre, can be pre-ordered on the company’s website.

The Jabra headsets are a bit smaller than some of Apple’s other wireless headphones, like the Beats Solo or the EarPods.

The company says the device fits snugly on the head and offers a much better sound quality.

But that’s just for the headphones.

The Jabra can also be paired with a second device, like a Bluetooth speaker.

It’s a great option for sharing a home theater with friends, or to play music.

Apple also recently added a wireless charging dock to the Jabrab so you can charge your iPhone while you’re watching TV.

In addition to Apple’s new wireless headphones and docking stations, the company also unveiled new smart speakers, a new selfie camera, and a new camera app.

The products are priced at $79.99 and $79, respectively.

The new wireless devices come with the new Jabra Wireless, a wireless headset designed specifically for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus users.

It also includes Jabra Pro, a dedicated wireless speaker.

The $79 Jabra is a $69 smartphone with the built-in wireless headphones.

It can also work with a third device, the $79 Elite, or the $99 Elite Pro.

The wireless Jabra and Jabra Elite come with a microphone and a wireless speaker for use with the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, and iPhone 6S Plus.

The wireless Jabre can also connect to an existing iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

The $79 model of the $59 Jabra costs $79 more than the other wireless devices.

It has an external microphone, a built-on wireless speaker, and an NFC reader, but it doesn’t have a wireless charger.

The extra $79 adds a dedicated headphone jack for use in headphones, a third wireless speaker in the back, and two additional microphones in the earcup.

The other new Jabre is a smaller, cheaper wireless speaker with an extra microphone and an infrared remote control.

The Wireless Jabra comes in two sizes: the $19 model with a built in microphone and infrared remote, and $19.99 model with an external speaker and infrared sensor.

The accessories included with the wireless Jabrabs are not available separately.

The new wireless phones are available now at the Apple Store.

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