How to make the perfect gaming headset

How to make the perfect gaming headset

An Australian gaming headset manufacturer has announced the launch of a new model with a special sensor and the ability to detect movement from up to 30 metres away.

Key points:The new Astrogaming headset comes with a unique sensor that can track a gamer’s head movements when they are walkingSource: Astro Gaming article The company behind the Astro Gaming headset says the technology is the world’s first to work with the latest generation of VR headsets, and has the ability of detecting movement from a player’s head.

The Astro Gaming headset is a special version of the company’s Astro Vision headset, which is based on a headset that was previously developed for Oculus Rift.

“Astro Vision’s sensors detect head movement at the same time the headset is closed and in a position where the headset can be closed without affecting the user’s vision,” said Astro Gaming’s CEO John O’Connor in a press release.

“The Astro gaming headphones deliver the world-first VR tracking with the highest spatial resolution, accuracy and battery life, with a rechargeable battery to last for a year.”

Astro Gaming has developed the Astro Vision headset with the new technology to help players enjoy the thrill of VR gaming, and it can be configured to monitor movement from 30 metres.

“This is the first generation of the headset with a dedicated tracking sensor, and can be worn on top of the Astrodome Arena, in a gaming lounge or any other location where players can be tracked from,” said O’ Connor.

“While we’re excited about the ability for Astro Vision to detect head motion, it is still very much a gaming headset.”

The Astro Vision, which costs $99.99, can also be used in a hotel room to track an opponent’s head movement, and the sensor is mounted on the headset itself, rather than being attached to the sides.

The new Astro Gaming headphones are also designed to work on a wide range of devices, including PCs, smartphones, gaming consoles and gaming headsets.

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