How to Get Your PS4 and PS4 Pro to Work together in VR

How to Get Your PS4 and PS4 Pro to Work together in VR

Valve and Sony are launching a new VR headset called Arctis VII, which is expected to hit stores this summer.

The headset will come with both the PlayStation 4 Pro and the PS4 VR headset, which comes bundled with a pair of Sony’s headsets, a PS4-branded headset, and a PS VR headset.

Arctist 7 is the second VR headset to hit the market from Valve, and it’s also one of the first to use a VR headset’s built-in accelerometer and microphone to detect where you are in the virtual world.

The company has been working on VR headsets for the past few years, but only recently announced its own headset for the PS VR.

It’s a pretty big deal that Arctism VII will also work with Sony’s PS VR, which it will compete with for that headset’s price.

Valve has said that it will offer both headset at launch, though it hasn’t officially revealed the price yet.

We’ll keep you updated as we learn more about the new headset.

The Arcti 7 headset is a $349 headset that will work with both PS VR and PS VR Pro.

The PS VR is available for $399 on Amazon.

You can pre-order it from Amazon for $549.

The PS VR will cost $549 when it arrives on shelves in November, but it will come pre-loaded with some other software features.

We’ve also seen a few pre-orders for a new headset that comes with a PS 4 Pro, a new controller, and an AR-shaped PlayStation Move sensor that attaches to the bottom of the headset.

If you want to use your new PS VR with Arctus VII, you’ll need to buy a second pair of PS VR headsets.

The new PS4 will also come with a separate PS VR camera that can work with the PSVR, which will allow you to see what’s around you when you wear it.

The camera is expected later this year, though we haven’t heard anything official on that yet.

The PlayStation VR has already been out for quite some time, and Sony announced it earlier this month.

The AR-tracked camera will work on the headset, but the camera’s hardware will only work with PlayStation VR Pro (the headset version of the camera).

So if you have an existing PS VR controller, you won’t be able to use the camera with the headset unless you buy a PSVR Pro.

The headset also comes with two additional sensors, which Valve said it’s called the PS Camera and PS Eye.

These sensors will let you see virtual worlds through your eyes, and Valve said that you’ll be able “see your surroundings, interact with virtual objects in real-time, and interact with other players in virtual spaces.”

You’ll also be able use the PS Eye to see objects around you, so that when you put the headset on, you can see what other people are doing around you.

There’s no word yet on how much additional functionality you’ll get out of these sensors, though the company has said it will ship them with ArCTIS VII.

In addition to the AR-tracking sensors, Valve also said it would be supporting the PS Move controllers, a virtual controller that’s part of the PlayStation VR system.

Valve also says it will be releasing a set of apps for the AR Touch controller, which are designed to allow you “to create immersive, rich, 3D virtual environments” that are “designed for VR gaming.”

You can see the PS Touch controllers in action in this trailer.

Arctis VIII is coming to the PlayStation Store this summer for $599.

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