Cisco’s Hunter Spider headset has a killer price tag, and it costs $199

Cisco’s Hunter Spider headset has a killer price tag, and it costs $199

The hunter spider headphone that Cisco has been promoting since last fall, is no longer available, the company announced Tuesday.

The Hunter Spider headphones are $199, a 10 percent drop from the $299 price tag they launched in early January. 

Cisco’s Hunter spider headset features wireless Bluetooth technology, a high-resolution camera and built-in headphones. 

The headset comes with a 4.5mm microphone for voice and text communications.

It’s compatible with Android devices running Jelly Bean or higher, and comes with the ability to record up to 5,000 songs in one hour.

The headset also supports up to 8 speakers. 

Hunter Spider is a smart headset, meaning it connects to your smartphone to communicate with other devices, such as your laptop, TV or other mobile device. 

“The Hunter Spider is designed to be a great standalone companion,” Cisco said in a statement.

“It offers great value and we have found it to be an ideal companion for users with limited or no internet connectivity.” 

Cobra said that it plans to update its Hunter Spider headsets with new features as soon as it can.

The company has a list of products currently available for purchase, including a Hunter Spider, Hunter Spider 2, Hunter spider 3, Hunter web and Hunter web+ accessories. 

There’s also a Hunter spider watch, which can be purchased for $299.

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