Bugha headset makes it possible to watch TV with your phone without the wires

Bugha headset makes it possible to watch TV with your phone without the wires


— Bucci headsets, which let you watch your favorite shows on your phone while still using the wires, were unveiled by the company at its first consumer electronics conference in Chicago this week.

Bucha said that the $40 device, which is being sold through its website, can also work as a standalone device, and that you don’t need a phone at all.

You just plug it into your computer, you plug it in to a monitor, and you can watch it wherever you want.

The company also said that its first commercial product will be available for preorder in December.

It said the device is designed to be worn around the neck.

The phone-like device costs $40, and is available for $20 on the company’s website.

The Bugha headsets can only be used on a phone or laptop, but the company said that if you want to watch your movies or music on your TV, the company has an app that will do that.

When Bugha first announced its devices, the phones looked like giant earbuds.

But now the company is looking to make them a little smaller, too.

“We’re hoping to get the size down so that you can wear them as an accessory to a phone, not as an end to end solution,” said Kevin Johnson, the CEO of Bugha.

Bugha said that it has been working with Apple on making the Bugha devices a little easier to use.

But Johnson said that there are a few limitations to the way the devices work.

The Bugha can only work with a phone.

You need to be using the phone to watch the content.

And there is no way to watch Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime.

Bugha has been making its own headsets since 2013, when the company purchased the headphone maker Beats.

Bugha made the headphones for its own customers, but it also sold to other companies, including Samsung and Sony.

Bughas headphones were among the first headsets to use wireless charging, which requires you to plug the headphones into a charging station.

That’s changed in recent years, but Johnson said there is still a few ways to get a phone to charge a Bugha, including using a charging cable and plugging the headphones directly into a wall outlet.

There are also two Bluetooth devices that can be used to watch content, but that are much smaller than the Bugha headphones.

Those devices are called a wireless earbud and a wireless speaker.

They cost $60 and $60 respectively.

The Bluetooth devices can also be plugged into a smartphone and will work with any iPhone.

BuGhas headsets will be sold separately.

In addition to streaming content, Bugha has plans to expand into music streaming and video, Johnson said.

He said the company also has plans for a device called the Buisha that will allow users to watch live TV without the need to plug it directly into the TV.

This is an opportunity for Bugha to get in the music industry, Johnson added.

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