Bose is now available in India for under Rs 2,500

Bose is now available in India for under Rs 2,500

Bose headphones are now available at Bose India’s flagship store for Rs 2,-500.

The brand is selling its headphones for Rs. 1,999.99 at its flagship store in New Delhi.

Bose has been the most popular headphone brand in India, selling out to rivals like Beats and Sony.

The Indian company, which has also announced its own headphones, has a loyal following in India.

Boses headphones come in black, white and blue.

The company has partnered with the Indian smartphone manufacturer OnePlus.

The headphones are equipped with a dual-band wireless charging system that includes a USB-C port and a USB3.0 port.

The headphones have a price tag of Rs. 2,999 each.

India has seen a rapid rise in popularity of wireless headphones, which have become increasingly popular over the past two years.

According to research firm Gartner, the country’s wireless headphone market grew from Rs. 890 million in 2017 to Rs. 638 million in 2018.

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