Astro Gaming headset review

Astro Gaming headset review

Astro is a new gaming headset from the company that makes gaming headsets for all kinds of genres.

The headset uses the same type of foam and construction as the other Astro products, but has an additional feature that is exclusive to this headset: it’s a high-end gaming headset.

In fact, the headset is so expensive that you’ll be paying more than the other Astro headsets for it, and the extra features aren’t available to other brands.

The Astro gaming headphones are not for everyone, though, and there’s no reason to buy them if you don’t want to spend $399 for a headset that won’t last as long as some other products.

Astro headsets are also a bit of a gamble for many people.

They are quite expensive, and they are not a good value, especially when compared to some of the other headsets in the Astro line.

If you’re looking for a high quality gaming headset that doesn’t make you feel like you’re buying an expensive piece of hardware, the Astrodomg gaming headset is definitely worth a look.

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